Private Music Lessons

All lessons incorporate learning with improvisation, composition, aural skills, performance and written music for those over 5-years old.

Each lesson is varied and even though there is a lesson plan, it is sometimes more productive to react spontaneously with the child creating music from what he/she is telling me. All ages have my help to compose their own tunes/rhyming songs and these may be linked to a school activity or possibly something which may have inspired them!

To add to the fun of learning and playing music, many of the tunes will be explored using a variety of instruments.

There is always some practise to do at home and piano exams (ABRSM) can be taken.

3-week trials are also available for each and every new pupil.

music lessons

An Introduction to music for children (from 3yrs)

Using stories and our imagination, tunes and songs are learnt playing and exploring a wide variety of instruments (steel-pan, voice, piano, glockenspiel, African drum and keyboard effects) whilst working on basic rhythm, posture, sounds and technique. These lessons last for 15 minutes.

General music lessons for children (from 5 yrs)

Adding the recorder to the above list, the child learns more dexterity with the various instruments plus the basics of musical notation. More complex rhythms are introduced. These 20-minute lessons increase to 30 minutes depending on age and ability.

Private piano lessons for children (from 5 yrs)

For those who would like a more standard (formalised) piano lesson, these are available to children aged 5 years and above.These lessons last for 30 minutes

music lessons


20 minutes: £13.50
30 minutes: £20.00
45 minutes: £30.00

Shared lessons

Shared 30 minutes: £28