A Little 'High Notes' History

"To be able to give children - especially the very young - the chance to explore the joys of live music is invaluable for them and extremely rewarding."
Louise Cook

Hi, I'm Louise Cook.

I graduated from the London College of Music with a teaching diploma in both the piano and flute.

During this time I noticed how children react instinctively to music. They don't care whether it is an excerpt from an opera, a chart song or a TV theme; just as long as there is a good tune and an interesting rhythm they engage.

Being inspired by the little ones, I continued to use my musical training to establish myself in nursery schools. I'm still a visiting musician to various pre-schools in the Amersham area.

My involvement with both classical music and young children led to the development of High Notes music groups which ran from 1999 to 2010.

I love my work and feel very fortunate to be a part of children's lives during their developing years. Children always have a fresh approach; and working and playing with them challenges my creativity resulting in new, and often spontaneous ideas for composing original songs and tunes.

Although I ensure that the High Notes' sessions are structured, I thoroughly enjoy 'going with the flow' as dictated by the children. I believe that this is one of the reasons why they benefit from my private lessons and why High Notes was a successful live music group.

I regularly attend music courses, ranging from 'An Introduction to Kodaly', 'Intensive Latin Music Workshops' , 'ABRSM practical exams seminar' through to Angela Hewitt's masterclass at the Royal College of Music in London.